With Courtesy and Respect We Build the Heart of God

Our parish community represents the heart of God in this world. All of us, no matter how many times we come here, draw near in the hope of feeling the presence of God. Whether the presence of God becomes a reality in our parish depends a lot on all of us. We cannot escape this reality. God is present in this world through each one of us.

That is why I want to invite you to continue creating here in Santa Julia a sense of mutual respect that is demonstrated in all kinds of delicacies and attentions that extend in all our efforts here in the parish and also that reach far beyond the walls of our church. . My dear and appreciated people, do not stop respecting each other at all times. Do your best to be people that values mutual respect as an instrument by which God makes himself felt among us. God needs us to show everyone the great respect and appreciation that God has for us through the respect and appreciation we show one another. This is how we will continue to create a welcoming environment in our parish. The beauty and integrity of a community comes to light when everyone feels respected and appreciated.

And that spirit has to go far beyond these four walls. The sense of community and family of faith must be felt every time we meet no matter where those encounters are. Courtesy and respect add value to life and often offer comfort and strength to others without realizing it. We all understand very well the power of courtesy and respect. Blessed is the community that is treated like this wherever it is!

I will never tire of bringing this up between us. Life has taught me that we all need to feel respected and appreciated and that we are all worthy of being treated like this. Among us, who profess faith in Jesus, his own example and teachings motivate us to live our lives by giving value to our ability to respect, appreciate, and support others. Thus, in reality, we help ourselves to rest from the hard moments of life that often happen due to the lack of respect we suffer. May our parish family be a break from the lack of respect that exists in this world! May all of us pledge to respect and appreciate each other always and everywhere! Well, in reality each one of us and also as a parish family are the Heart of God.

May God bless you and take care of you always with great respect and appreciation. May you always feel that great appreciation of God for you.

You are in my prayers and in my heart. Peace.
Friar Julio

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