When Will We Learn?

Once in a while we need to talk about what sometimes consumes us with concern. With elections of all kinds upon us,
we, once again, become aware of how divided we are. We very well know the divisions that haunt us. When will we learn that a society or nation divided unto itself will regress and will never prosper? Actually, the only ones that prosper is the oligarchy that holds the power. It seems that history has taught us so much, but we refuse to learn. The ruin of every empire has always come from within. History teaches us that reality and we, in this nation, should never consider ourselves an exception. To do such a thing is a feeble exercise in arrogance, ignorance or both.
It seems that some people love the division while the majority, I wish to believe, hate it. The majority of us are simply sick of it and we acknowledge that it is ruining an already delicate balance of power.
Our system caters to only two parties which apparently protect a system that serves them both well.
We really don’t have many options, do we? And, when this infighting between these two parties seems to be on-going,
one wonders where we will end up. All I know is that the answer is not found in the infighting nor in the division.
As a Catholic Christian, I also observe and judge all this through the looking glass of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Some may call me unrealistic or even foolish. If I don’t do it, then why believe. How else will faith serve me in this situation? I find it quite sobering to do so. Perceiving things from such a good and selfless point of view leads to clarity.
It’s always a great adventure to try to perceive things through the eyes of God as revealed to us in the person of Jesus.
I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of the division that has become our overwhelming reality.
God enlighten us and I pray that PT Barnum wasn’t right in this circus we’re in.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace and Good.
Friar Julio

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