Whatever you do to the least of your sisters and brothers, you do to me.

My dear sisters and brothers in faith and hope,
How important it is for us as Christians to never forget the needy among us. You, the people of St. Julia are a
wonderfully generous people who care for each other and who respond generously and kindly to those in need.
I thank God every day for the great example that so many of you provide for me and for others to imitate.
I come before you this week to ask for your help and your generosity. Not to do any work or asking to contribute to a parish project. I come to you and I am begging you on behalf of the needy among us. From the time that the pandemic began we have been able to help people in need in various ways. The great majority of these people have been our own members of the parish. We have contributed about $20,000.00 of help. Our community has helped by providing food, helping with the purchase of medications, contributing toward rents, helping people pay their electric bills and water bills, and for other serious needs. You and your generosity have made a great difference in the lives of many.
Your generosity has lifted many burdens and brought comfort.
Our account for the needy has been depleted and we are withdrawing funds from our checking and savings account to
meet the needs of those who need our help. This is why I come to you for help. During the next three weekends, we will have a second collection for the needy among us. Please be as generous as you can. The amount is not important.
Every cent will help. And, if you have children, give them some change or give them the amount that you are contributing so that they put it in the collection basket. Teach them, explain to them what they are doing and for who they are doing it for. It will be a great opportunity to make this a teaching moment for our children.
I always say that I bend the knee before you every single day. It is true. Your example and your kindness touch my spirit every single day. Allow me to share a couple of experiences with you so that you can appreciate yourselves a little more: Sometimes the need of some of our people have come to my attention by the information that someone else gave me.
We have always responded to their needs. Sometimes, I give then the help directly. So many times they say to me to
give it to someone else that is in greater need. Even in their own need, they think of others.
How can I not bend the knee!
At other times, people do not come for help because they feel ashamed. My sisters and brothers, when it comes to me
and to us, try not to let such feelings keep you away from asking for help from your faith community. Come and let us know so that we can share the blessings of God and the generosity of the community with you. It is a blessing and an honor to be able to help in any way. So, please, come and let us know your situation. We will always help as much as possible. I know that some of you have gone without help. I ask the parish community to let me know every time there is an individual or a family of our community that is in need. Don’t hesitate.
When life becomes tough, it is then that we need to draw closer to one another. That is what family does and we, at
St. Julia, are family. Responding to one another’s needs with love and concern are the links that hold us together.
These are the moments when we put our faith in concrete action and the way we make our faith come alive.
I pray that our generosity toward one another may always be one of our strongest qualities. I pray that our generosity alleviates the weight that some feel when they are in need.
I pray that we may never be afraid of being generous with the needy nor to rationalize ourselves into apathy.
Simply, because that is not who we are nor who we are called to be by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Our compassion reflects the compassion of God.
I hope this communication serves also as a reflection on our Christian values and our Catholic Christian way of life.
I want you to know that every time I share with those in need and they thank me, I always tell them that the gift is the gift of the community. Let us always remember that what we do, what we say, what we share with anyone, we do it to Jesus who lives in each of us. I bend the knee before you.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace and Good.
Friar Julio

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