We Must Register as Parishioners of St. Julia

Please, let me explain to you why we must all be registered parishioners in our parish community. Although this concept of registering in a parish does not exist in other countries, it does exist in the United States for various reasons. First, registering in a parish formally makes one a committed member of a parish with rights to the ministries and services that the parish offers. Registering in a parish is also a formal way of committing to a particular parish community and offering the community one’s resources so that the parish meets its physical and spiritual responsibilities. There is no way around the fact that parish communities need funds in order to offer ministries, services, and maintain the buildings where the community meets. The sharing of the people’s resources and generosity is what allows the parish to maintain its doors open and create life-giving programs for the community.
Registering in the parish means that you will receive envelopes where you can put your collection contributions.
These contributions are recorded for tax purposes that you can declare at the time when you file your yearly income tax.
It is also another way to prove membership that may help you with the process of immigration.
As we move forward in our growth as a parish community, especially now that we are developing a Master Plan that will study and respond to our needs as a growing community, we need to know exactly how many people worship and
participate in St. Julia. Such data will help us and the Diocese to better understand our present situation and the needs of the parish community as we plan our future.
Being a registered parishioner also allows the ministers and the staff of the parish know that you take responsibility for the community and contribute to its wellbeing. Registered and contributing members of the parish community pay less for special and important events and programs in the parish such as: quinceañeras, baptisms, weddings, sacramental preparation, funerals, etc.
As we move toward the future, persons from other parishes and persons that come to
St. Julia only occasionally and do not contribute to the parish as committed registered parishioners do, should not
presume to have the same rights and access to our programs and services. It is not and will never be a question of money. It is a question of belonging, commitment, fairness, and responsibility to the parish family. So, please, do not reduce this communication to a matter of money. It is not. Our community of St. Julia is here for everyone, but, we are also called to fully belong to the community as responsible and committed members.
So, soon we will begin a registration drive after all the weekend Masses. I encourage you to register as parishioners.
No private or personal information is asked for. It is a very simple process, and such information is never shared with anyone or any government agency. It is strictly confidential. Please be at peace. I ask you to please cooperate and to register.
May God bless you and your families. You are in my prayers and in my heart. Peace. Friar Julio

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