We Go Forward With Faith and Commitment

May God bless us and protect us as we go forward in the midst of the pandemic. Let us never let our guard down as we strive to return to a more normal state.It seems that as more and more people are vaccinated in North Carolina, the less people are in hospitals with the virus. How important it is to always be conscious of the common good and the wellbeing of all.

Here at St. Julia, we continue to go forward. The number of people attending weekend Masses has greatly increased to the point that at the 8:00 am Sunday Mass there is standing room only and cars are parked everywhere. The numbers at the 10:00 am and the 12:00 pm Masses continue to increase. The 5:00 pm Saturday Mass stays steady with a small congregation.

Our property was professionally surveyed this week for the new parking lot and it looks like we need to construct it very soon in order to meet our present needs. The process of constructing a new parking lot continues to move forward also.

Most strikingly is the number of new people that are coming to St. Julia. Our community continues to grow.

The future is here! And now we need to move forward with vision and boldness. The Finance Council and Pastoral Council will resume their joint meetings soon to start addressing the creation of the Parish Master Plan and the Parish Capital Campaign. The pastor and these two councils will be trained by diocesan personnel. The people of the parish will be consulted and will play an important part in developing the future plan for the parish.

The time has arrived when we need to seriously develop a plan that will help create a vision for the parish as we continue to grow: What buildings will we need? How will we raise the funds to build them? These are the two big questions that we face at the moment and that we will address.

This is an exciting time in the history of the parish as it was twenty years ago when the present church was built. Who would have imagined that in only twenty years our facilities would be too small?

It will require for the entire community of St. Julia to come together, create a vision, and make that vision come true. We move forward in faith and with commitment, we will do it!

You are in my prayers and in my heart. Peace and Good!

Friar Julio

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