“We are Blessed”

This Saturday two young seminarians from the Missionary Servants of the Word arrived to spend time with us until January 1st. We welcome these men with the hope that they will share much with us during these few days. Since they are both bilingual, our entire community will be able to be enriched by the gifts that they share with us.
Apart from these two seminarians, we have in our parish community about six other young adults who have participated in Missionary Servants of the Word’s lay formation program which prepares young adults to become evangelizers in their own communities. They have received a strong foundation in scripture and catechesis and I have asked them to unite so that they too can share their knowledge, fervor, and faith with the rest of the community. These young adults have accepted my invitation and are now formulating a series of events and spiritual experiences that will help us to deepen and grow in our faith. They will also provide exciting programs for our youth and young adults.
The two seminarians that will be our guests do not charge the parish anything for their ministry among us.
They depend on our generosity. Members of the community are providing them with lodging, others are providing them with a car so that they can visit our families. We need to be generous and provide them with meals while they are here. You can take cooked food for them to the parish office or invite them to your homes. As a parish family, we have paid for their travel expenses and we will make sure that they are provided for, kept safe, and feel welcomed.
At the moment, we also have another young man, Rogelio, who is serving with the Missionary Servants of the Word and is now on mission in the state of Washington. When Rogelio returns to the Parish, we will have another very well-prepared person who, hopefully, will join the existing group of Missionary Servants of the Word as they minister in our parish. As we move forward in our growth, I welcome these young adults into the ministerial life of our parish and thank them for wanting to share what God has so generously shared with
As I present these two young seminarians and as I present our own Missionary Servants of the Word, please welcome them, thank them, and show them your support. It is my hope that the Missionary Servants of the Word will consider St. Julia as one of their missions and join our own Missionary Servants of the Word in the sharing of faith.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace and Good.
Friar Julio

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