Two Points of Clarification and a Little More

1. Godparents/Sponsors/Main Witnesses for Baptism, Confirmation, and Marriage must be baptized Catholics who
practice their faith, have received First Eucharist, have received Confirmation and are married in the Catholic
Church. This is the guidance of the Church by which the Director of Faith Formation and the Pastor are called
to follow and cannot change or make exceptions. Please consider this guidance of the Catholic Church when
selecting the godparents/sponsors and main witnessed for your children or for your wedding.
2. Starting this year, the fee for religious instructions for the sacraments must be paid in full at the time of
registration. This new policy will avoid confusion, misinterpretations and the abuse of trust. Please understand
that the fee for religious instruction covers the cost of the materials that our children and youth use for their
preparation for the sacraments. It also covers the expenses of materials used by the catechists and everything
else for our program. We must pay and obtain the necessary program materials during the month of June in
order to be ready when our programs begin.
I know that choosing a godparent/sponsor/main witness are personal and sensitive matters. I understand and
appreciate that. However, there are norms of the church that I cannot change and must adhere to. It’s not that
the Catholic Church wants to be strict for the sake of being strict, but the Church has these norms in order to
help those, who receive the sacraments, to have a strong Catholic support system in those who will accompany
then in their life of faith. Although the parents of children and youth are called to be the first to set the example of Christian living, those who commit themselves to be godparents and sponsors also have that obligation.
So, it is with the greatest of respect that I bring this point to your attention.
Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank the parents, families, godparents/sponsors/main witnesses, and
couples who take this matter seriously and who are present to your godchildren and the couples whose wedding
you witnessed. Your place in their lives, the guidance that you give them, the love that you show them, and the
support that you share with them in a community of faith, makes a positive difference in their lives.
Somewhere in each story is God’s guidance and God’s desire for you to be an example of goodness and faith.
I am most grateful to you.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace. Friar Julio

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