Two Are Better Than One

I am looking forward to welcoming Friar Luis among us. He will be a great help and support for me as I will be for him. He will also be a wonderful minister to everyone. His arrival among us pumps new energy into the way the administration of the parish supports the good people of our parish family, for two are better than one.
This week I am calling all parish group leaders and anyone else who wish to attend to meet with me in an open and
honest conversation. This conversation is one where I will be the listener and you will do the talking. I want to hear from you so that Friar Luis and I can take your ideas, suggestions, and advise into consideration as he and I meet to put forth a new pastoral program for our parish family.
It is my intention and desire to create new faith and social enriching opportunities for our parish family. I do not want us to ever be simply content with what is offered here at St. Julia. We need to be a parish that meets the needs of the community and enriches their lives. I value the ideas, the suggestions and advise that you can offer. They are absolutely essential for the growth of our parish. I want us to be vibrant in every way and I desire all our programs and opportunities to enrich the lives of everyone. A boring parish life has no place here. It is up to all of us to create a vibrant parish where the presence of God is felt in the way we create community and the community we create.
I encourage you to share with me what you would want to see in our parish life. I want you to honestly tell me what
needs to improve, what needs to change, and what new and wonderful experiences we can create for us all.
I want to listen to you and what you have to say to me.
You know, when things are criticized behind closed doors, such criticism leads to nothing and it leaves us nowhere.
It remains just criticism. Constructive criticism is a good thing and I welcome it. Constructive criticism takes into consideration what is best for the common good and always seeks what is good. So, given with respect and honesty, constructive criticism can become an important element for moving forward in a more informed manner.
As I invite you to share with me, please know that all I want to do is to listen to you and take your insights and
suggestions seriously. Don’t think for one second that I will take on a defensive attitude or that I will feel offended by what you have to say. I want to listen to you because I know that what you offer will help me and Friar Luis develop a good pastoral program for our parish family. Two well-informed friars are better than one.
You are in my prayers and in my heart. Peace. Friar Julio

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