This is a Wonderful Time of the Year

Fall is truly a beautiful season. Although we have some changes of colors on the trees, the more north we go,
the more beautiful is nature’s fall spectacle. Nature is a great teacher. Fall teaches us that often times we have to shed a thing or two before we can have new growth. It’s a simple lesson, but a very real one.
The interesting thing for me is that nature teaches us this hard lesson within a wonderful or wonder-filled
time of the year. Within the beauty of the changing leaves the lesson is taught for us to realize that needed
changes in one’s life always leads to the hope of discovering new wonders and new life. We can say that the
beauty of Spring is already contained in the beauty of Fall. It’s all good. It’s all necessary.
It’s all interconnected. Such is life.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace and Good.
Friar Julio

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