The Synodal Path

Two weeks ago, Pope Francis opened a new chapter in the history of our Catholic Church. It is called “The Synodal Path.” This is a process which will take place in the Catholic Church throughout the world. Every diocese in the world is called to participate by creating forums for mutual listening, discussion and discernment about various matters of our Church, in which the laity will actively participate. The fruit of this consultation will be gathered into a document in 2022. This is all in preparation for the Synod of Bishops that will be held in Rome in 2023.

It is my desire that we, as the People of God of St. Julia, actively participate. As we receive further guidance from the Diocese, I will communicate it with all of you. I know that our active participation will give us all the blessing of uniting ourselves to all our Catholic sisters and brothers throughout the world and will empower us lift our voices in the important matters that will be discussed. It is the desire of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, that the voice of the people be heard.

The Pastoral Council of our parish will spearhead the organization of the consultative process within our parish. Together with me, the members of the Pastoral Council will create the best way for all of us to participate. It is my hope that many of us will do so because your insights, opinions, and discernment is of great value to the life of the Catholic Church.

At every session of the Second Vatican Council the bishops of the world would begin with the same prayer: “Adsumus Sancte Spiritus” (We stand before You, Holy Spirit). We also begin our participation in this important moment in our Catholic Church with this same prayer:

“We stand before You, Holy Spirit, as we gather together in Your Name.
With You alone to guide us, make Yourself at home in our hearts;
Teach us the way we must go and how we are to pursue it.
We are weak and sinful; do not let us promote disorder.
Do not let ignorance lead us down the wrong path nor partiality influence our actions.
Let us find in You our unity so that we may journey together to eternal life
and not stray from the way of Truth and what is right.
All this we ask You, who are at work in every place and time, in the communion of the Father and the Son, forever and ever. Amen.”

I pray that we here at St. Julia will reap a rich harvest of blessings because of our active participation. May the voice of the People of God be raised and heard for the benefit of our Church and humanity.

You are in my prayers and in my heart.

Peace, Friar Julio

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