The People Have a Voice – We Move Forward Together

Leading a faith community is never the work of one person. We are a family that must work together for the wellbeing of all. I am very happy that so many people voted for the candidates for the Pastoral Council. To me, it is a sign that many of our people pay close attention to the leadership of our parish. Upon seeing the number of votes that all the candidates received, I immediately noted that all the candidates are well respected by many people. I decided to incorporate them all into the Pastoral Council as a way of validating the voice of the people. There is reason for us to be proud of the way we took the election seriously. I also want to take this opportunity to thank those who directed the voting process and much more.
We have much planning and work to do as we consider the present and future needs of our parish family.
For this reason, I need a strong Finance Council and Pastoral Council. Both Councils will, in turn, reach out to all the people of our parish family for input as we move forward. The type of collaboration that is needed includes everyone of the community because there are serious planning and decisions that we need to make.
Another very important matter that we must address is the parish registration of our parish members. For many reasons, all our people need to be formally registered in the parish. I will direct the Pastoral Council to lead this endeavor. Those of us that come from other countries, may not be familiar with this custom of the United States Catholic Church.
Here in the United States, parishioners need to be registered in a parish. Being registered means that you are a
member of the parish. Please understand that the process is very simple and that the information that you provide is strictly confidential and no government agencies have access to your information. To tell you the truth, the information that you will provide is not sensitive information. Once you see the registration form, you will see how simple it is.
I ask all our people that you cooperate with the members of the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council when they ask for your opinion and input. Your voice is important to me and to the leadership of the parish.
You are in my prayers and in my heart. Peace.
Friar Julio

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