The Cry of the Poor

We especially cry out to God when no one hears us or when we feel that no one wants to hear our cries. The poor in
particular cry out to God. I wonder what those cries sounded like inside that truck in Texas where 46 men, women, and children died and 16 were found unconscious and now struggle for their lives. This is too horrible to even imagine or wonder about. Yet one man did hear a cry and called for help. If it wasn’t for the hearing of that cry, those 16 would have also died in that airless and hot truck. Why do these tragedies continue to happen? God, please, hear our cries! God, please, hear the cry of those we cry for! It would be too easy to turn this tragic incident into a political matter; to reduce the lives lost to a topic for argument.
It is much easier to turn this horror into a matter for discussion and condemnation than to hear their cries.
God, please, help us to help them.
Tragic events like this one are happening all over the world. Many have died and continue to die in the deserts of the United States and Mexico. Many die in the crossings in the Mediterranean, the Straights of Florida and the Caribbean. They die as they strive to find a better life for themselves. They die in trying to reach a place where they can live and work in peace far from violence, poverty, and the lack of opportunities. They die with beautiful dreams and hopes.
They die hoping against hope that they will somehow be welcomed and be given a chance. They die.
So, in the little or much that we can do, let us take on their cries and make it our own for their sake. Let this intention become a desire in our hearts as a way of uniting ourselves to the poorest of the poor among us, for we do believe in our heart of hearts that ‘whatever we do for the least of these, we do to God.’ ‘How can we worship the God we do not see when we don’t hear the cry of those we do see.’ Do we see them? Do we recognize them and honor them as our brothers and sisters? Do we see them with blind eyes and keep walking by? How do we see them?
Do we hear their cries?
Many of us here at St. Julia have experienced those conditions in our coming to this country. Many have risked their lives in the search for a better life. Many of us know their cries because they were our cries. The rest of us, can’t even imagine what this is like. So, let our experiences and our imagination lead us to compassion. Let us take up their cries and make it our own.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace. Friar Julio

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