Stop Thinking that You are Not Worthy

Sometimes, we say to ourselves that we are not worthy of God; to go to God, to pray to God, to consider the things of God, and even to ask for God’s blessing. It seems that we sometimes feel this way when we know that we have done something wrong. So, we flee from God thinking that we are not worthy to be near God in any way. Sometimes, we separate ourselves from the community of believers, from the parish community, especially if we become aware that our mistakes and sins are known among the people of my community. We separate ourselves for many reasons: shame, fear, and the feeling of not being worthy to be in the presence of God nor of God’s community.
My sisters and brothers, don’t we understand that God is always with us no matter what? Don’t we understand that God’s love for us does not depend on what we do or not do? Don’t we understand that God never leaves our side? That God always remains faithful to us in every situation of our lives? So, whether we wander far from God, stop going to church, separate us from our community of faith, God is still within us. God never leaves! As the psalmist says: “Where can I flee from you, my God? No matter where I go to hide, you are there.” The reason why God is always “there” is because God is always “HERE,” with me, in me.
Do we honestly believe that God loves us less if we have sinned in any way, or because I may not be married in the church, do not have all the sacraments or have separated or divorced, or have hurt another person, or because I may be addicted to alcohol or drugs, may have had an abortion, may be gay, may have sexual encounters outside of marriage, been unfaithful to my husband or wife, or because I stopped going to church and stopped praying….do we honestly believe that God loves us less? The answer is NO! God loves no matter what and God loves deeply all the time! There’s no place where we can go to escape from the love of God. So….stop trying to run away. It’s totally impossible to separate ourselves from God’s embrace.
It has nothing to do whether we are worthy or not. That’s a way of thinking that carries within it a recipe for separation and a feed for a low self-esteem. It has to do with God and God’s deep respect for each of us. It has to do with God’s humility not our humility. It has to do with the immensity of God’s love and not with our inability to understand the unconditional depth of God’s love. It has to do about getting out of those situations and getting ourselves back in touch with the God of compassion and understanding. It has to do with repenting and not with judgement or punishment. It has to do with returning to the light and leaving the darkness of thinking that God is far from me. It’s all about awakening to God and stop dreaming nightmares of isolation and self-humiliation and low self-esteem.
Wake up and stop thinking that you are not worthy. Search the words of Jesus and you will see for yourself that never did he wish for anyone to feel that way.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace. Friar Julio

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