It has been three years since our parish has celebrated the St. Julia’s Festival. This year we will celebrate it on Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28. The mass schedule for the weekend of August 27 and 28 will be as follow: There will not be a Saturday 5:00 pm Mass. Mass on that Sunday will be 8:30 in English and 10:30 in Spanish. Thank you for your cooperation. We will celebrate for two days because we need to come together and celebrate life and our community after going through so much for the last two years of the pandemic. IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!!
We have formed a Festival Committee that has begun its work. We will reach out to the parish community to help with the different events of the festival. My sisters and brothers, it is so important that we all help with the Festival. First of all, so that everyone will have a wonderful time and, second of all, so that we can raise much needed funds for our parish. As we continue to move forward and the pastoral needs and demands also continue to grow, we have to do our part to make sure that we meet all our obligations.
In order for you to understand how we are moving forward, allow me to share some details: First, we need to find more room so that we can create more activities for our children and youth, including our Confirmation program. This may require for us to either be given the opportunity to use another facility or to pay rent for another larger facility. We simply do not have the necessary room in our parish building. Need calls us to be creative in how we give more opportunities for your children and youth to have a sense of Catholic community, continue to grow in their Catholic identity, create good friendships with others of our community, and strengthen their faith. It will require a common effort of the community to do this, but I am sure that we need to look after the welfare of our children and youth no matter what sacrifices we need to make or the service that we need to offer.
We have also created the Feasibility Study Committee which is the first step in creating a Master Plan for the parish. In collaboration and with the guidance of the Diocese we have begun to move toward the study and consideration of building more space for our parish community. We need to do this so that the future does not catch us unprepared although today, what was once the future, has caught us without having the necessary room that our needs demand. You, the people, will be consulted and invited to give your opinions at every step of this study. We will move forward together as a parish community and everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to this process. All of you and your insights and opinions are absolutely necessary.
I hope all of the above will put a smile on your faces because it says that we are alive, creative, attending to our needs, growing, and like spending time together. God bless you and I wish you peace.
You are all in my prayers and in my heart. Friar Julio

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