It’s Time Again and We Will Respond Generously

Dear Good People of St. Julia,
It is time again for us to respond generously to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. This is a special time when we
are asked to go beyond ourselves and reach out to our Diocese and to give witness to our faith through our
generosity to those who are in need and for the work carried out by our Catholic Diocese. We have always
responded very generously, and it is my hope that we will do so again this year.
Our goal is like last year: $32,959.00. Last year we went beyond our goal by about $4,000. This amount is
being returned to us and, with the approval of the Finance Council, we will invest it in buying items that we
will raffle. It is our hope that the generosity of last year will serve us this year in meeting our goal. It is also my hope that we will continue to do this in the future in order to lessen the burden of having to have so
many fund-raising activities that create much work on the people of our community that so generously give
of themselves.
Nevertheless, we will meet our responsibility by having various types of fund-raising events. I will be asking
to meet with all our parish group leaders to meet with me so that we can discuss ways that we can raise
funds. Every month we will have one second collection for the BAA and I ask that you be as generous as you
always have been.
Last year many people donated items for raffle which helped us meet our goal. I appeal to your generosity
again this year and ask you to donate items for raffle. Our people cooperate with these raffles as they do in
all our fund-raising events.
I want you to know that we are very close to installing the new lighting system in the church that you so
generously contributed to last year. The work with constructing the parking lot continues on schedule and
within two weeks we will obtain the bids for the work from different companies. The work is being kept
within budget and construction will begin this spring as soon as the ground dries some more. The new
parking lot will hold an additional 148 parking spaces, will have a solar lighting system, and electrical outlets
are being placed so that we will be able to use the parking lot for festivals.
As we look toward the future, the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council have begun the process to
formulate a Master Plan that will see to the construction of new and larger buildings that we need for the
instruction of our children and youth, for recreational activities for our youth, and for social events for the
whole parish community. We will share more information with you within the next few weeks.
Although we have to face our own needs and challenges, we will also continue to be generous with the
greater Catholic community of eastern North Carolina. Let us continue to be the generous people that we
are and meet our goal of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.
May God bless you for your love and generosity. I bend the knee before you and may God give you peace.
You are in my prayers and in my heart. Friar Julio

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