Humble Brothers Among the People

Dear St. Julia Parish Family,
Friar Luis and I would like to share with you the “Vision and Mission Statement of the Franciscan Friars
Ministering at St. Julia Parish” that the two of us have composed as part of the new four-year Pastoral Plan.1.
We, as a parish community have a mission and vision statement that was formulated years ago. Now, we,
the Friars, add our own vision and mission statement to compliment the parish’s statement.
It is our gift to you:
Humble Brothers Among the People
“As Franciscan Friars serving the parish family of Saint Julia in the Diocese of Raleigh, North
Carolina, we share our Franciscan charism and spirituality in communion with the people
we serve. The Divine Life, as revealed in God’s Incarnation, is the light that guides us and
compels us to live the Gospel and build bridges of encounter.
In humble service, we walk with our sisters and brothers as
‘Franciscans Ad Gentes’ (Franciscans to the People) and empower them to active
discipleship, leadership and service among the People of God. We commit ourselves to
imbue the prayer and liturgical life of the parish, the catechetical and faith formation
programs, the administrative responsibilities, the pastoral ministries, and all dimensions of
parish life, with the ideals, the spirituality and the theology of our Franciscan Tradition.
As sons of the humble Francis of Assisi, we commit ourselves to empowering the laity to
find their true and genuine voice in the life of the Catholic Church.
We, the sons of Francis of Assisi, the instrument of God, commit ourselves to inspire and
awaken the community of believers to the many manifestations of God and to experience a
deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His message.”
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace and Good.
Friar Julio

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