Happy Easter

My dear sisters and brothers,
We arrive at the great feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus, after forty days of sacrifice,
prayer and selfless charitable giving. I hope that we all experienced a strengthening of our kinship with
The message of Easter is a message of hope: neither sin nor darkness of any type will overwhelm the light
and the life that entered into our human history in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Our world finds itself in
many of the same sins and darkness that seem to be eternal companions of the human life-journey. Yet, as
followers of Jesus, we are called never to cease hoping for a more just and loving humanity. The hope that
Jesus gives us and keeps alive in us is meant to be shared in concrete ways by the way we live our lives,
treat one another, dedicate ourselves to living out the teachings and guidance of Jesus, and by the way we
create a more just and peaceful world in our own little or big ways.
I pray that, at least a few, may breathe a little easier, have a little more hope, and feel more loved and
accepted by the way we live and treat them. I pray that we never keep the hope that our faith gives us to
ourselves, but that we share it with others in a way that relieves the anxieties of life.
May God bless us all on this beautiful Easter. May the light of Jesus resurrect in our minds and hearts.
May wars cease, may poverty, hunger and thirst cease, may violence of every kind cease, may fear and
injustice cease. May the hope of Jesus’ resurrection take hold of us, shake us to the core, awaken what has
fallen asleep, motivate our goodness, and make us bold in building a better life for all of humanity.
This is our hope in Jesus.
Happy Easter. You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Friar Julio

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