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Renew and Improve

A few weeks ago, Friar Luis and I went on a working retreat to create a new Pastoral Plan for the parish. We worked diligently keeping the people of the parish in mind in all our deliberations and discernment.


A New Hope

This coming Monday through Thursday Friar Luís and I will be on a working retreat to study and discern all the dimensions of our parish life. I ask for your prayers so that we may be led by the power of God’s Spirit.


Hurricane Ego

This is the latest report on the path of Hurricane Ego: At 6:00 am this morning, just as the sun came into the
horizon, Hurricane Ego slammed into consciousness with its Category 6 winds. Anything humble was obliterated.


Fresh Air

I would like to thank everyone who attended the listening and discussion sessions with me and Friar Luis this week. We both listened attentively to your insights and suggestions. We will bring them to our discussion as we formulate the Pastoral Plan for our parish family.


Let’s Have A Conversation

This coming Tuesday and Wednesday the people of St. Julia will meet with their pastor to have an honest and open
conversation about the future of our parish family. On Tuesday, Sept. 13 after the 8:30 morning mass, we will meet in an English conversation. On the evening of Sept. 14 we will meet in a Spanish conversation. Everyone who is interested in the life of the parish is welcome to attend.

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