Changes to Quinceañera Celebrations Coming Soon

Not every parish offers the opportunity for private Quinceañera Masses. We do. Many parishes offer one
common Quinceañera celebration per month where all the young ladies gather with their families. We offer two Masses per month for two girls celebrating their birthdays. Quinceañera celebrations at St. Julia are always on the second Saturday of the month at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.
The parish will continue to take responsibility for the celebration of the Mass and the responsibility for the
music for the Mass will now pass to the family. When this new change takes effect, the family will be given a
list of those in those music ministry who may be available to play for the Quinceañera Mass. It will be the
responsibility of the family to make the arrangements for the music by contacting the musicians/cantors. The
fee for the music will no longer be the responsibility of the parish. This will be a matter between the family
and the musicians/cantors.
The fee for Quinceañera Masses remains $300.00 for registered members of the parish.
The fee for those from other parishes is $800.00.
I would like to offer another form for our young girls to receive a special blessing on their 15th birthday.
Families are invited to bring their daughters to a Sunday Mass and during the prayer of the faithful, the young
lady will be called forward where the entire community will pray for her and her family. The priest will impart
a blessing. In this case, the young lady does not have to wear the usual Quinceañera dress. The family may
choose another special dress for their daughter. This manner of receiving a Quinceañera blessing is open only
to members of our parish. I would like to offer this opportunity as a way to help our families save on
expenses, provide the family with the opportunity to share with the community, and give the community the
opportunity to pray for our young ladies. Quinceañeras do not always have to be celebrated in expensive
ways in order to be special. Since there is no fee for this type of celebration at Mass, I only ask the family to be generous that day when the collection is taken.
I will communicate with you when this new policy about the music for Quinceañera Masses will take effect.
You can begin at once to bring your daughters to a Sunday Mass for the special blessing. However, the
Quinceañera either comes to a Sunday Mass for a blessing or she comes to the private Mass celebrated on a
Saturday. If you wish for your daughter to receive a special blessing on her 15th birthday during a Sunday
Mass, please contact the office to schedule.
Our parish will offer these two ways for our young ladies to celebrate their Quinceañera.
You are in my prayers and in my heart. Friar Julio

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