An Advent Message

Hope! Advent is all about hope. A youthful type of hope that fills our minds and hearts with a sense of joyful expectation. It’s all about the type of expectation that tells us that everything will be good and bright, and that fills us with a desire to live every moment with a sense of wonder. Our celebration of Advent is about the hope, the sense of joyful wonder, and the desire to live full lives as God has intended for us. Here at St. Julia, we become like those wonderful sunflowers that turn towards the light of the sun. We turn our attention to the light of Jesus, who manifests for us that God walks with us and fills our lives with the joyful hope that comes from knowing that we are wondrously loved and enlightened by a very compassionate God. It is my hope that we will take the spiritual opportunity that Advent offers us and dedicate ourselves a little more to prayer and nurturing our faith in God’s company. I pray that you may be filled with many blessings and come to know a deeply felt hope in your lives. The type of hope that strengthens you, inspires you, and guides you in every aspect of your lives. May we take this time and recreate a heart that desires for Jesus to be born and reborn as we go along in life.

You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Friar Julio

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