A Message to Our High School Youth and Our Young Adults

You are the hope of our parish family!
And you hold a special place in the heart of our parish family. You are important to all of us and we commit
ourselves to you in every way possible.
On Friday, February 18th at 7:00 pm you are invited to come to the parish hall to see for yourselves what we
would like to offer you and what we hope that you will also help build for yourselves. The new high-school
group and the group of young adults will be wonderful opportunities for you to meet, make new friends, and
build a community of young people that will be supportive and helpful to one another.
There will be many opportunities for you to be heard and to listen to one another on all kinds of topics that
are interesting and important to you. You will be able to grow in your faith and to grow as friends to one
another, as sisters and brothers for one another who share the same faith, who belong to our Parish, and as
a group of young people who are searching for answers to many questions. It is my hope that you will get
involved and become active members of these groups and active participants in all the activities. I know that
your lives will be enriched and that you will also have fun as you grow as young Christians.
I know that you have so much to contribute. You are so curious about so many things in life. You probably
have your own take and opinions about many things and all of this will always be honored, listened to, and
respected. I’m sure that it will contribute to many interesting conversations. It is my hope that as you share
with each other, you will grow in understanding, in wisdom and in goodness…and have fun doing it!
So, I invite you to come to the parish on Friday, February 18th and 7:00 pm and bring your friends if you
would like. Just let them know that they are welcomed here in your parish and they will always be treated as
family. I also want you to know that I always pray for you and that you hold a very important place in my
heart. I’ll see you soon.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Friar Julio

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