A Message for our Children and Youth: “What Do You Want For Christmas?”

Do you know what you want for Christmas? Perhaps something real special? Something you have been wishing for? Well, I hope your wishes come true. I hope you get what you really want.
But I also hope that there’s enough room in your wishes for those who will not get their wishes. Can you think of anyone who might not get what they really want or what they are wishing for?
Well, then, how about the children that are at the Southern border? Some of them are separated from their families? What do you think they want for Christmas? Then, there are the children that do not go to school because they have to work to help their families. What do you think they want for Christmas? Have you thought about the children that live in the streets and have no homes or families? What about them?
What do you think they want for Christmas. And, then, there are the children that are sick or sad, and those that do not have friends. What do you think they want for Christmas? You may even know some of these
children yourself. What would you wish for them for Christmas?
Is there any room in your heart for any of these other children? Would you make room for them?
Do they have a place in your prayers? In your love?
You know, I know what I want for Christmas, and it has nothing to do with me! Do you understand? Merry Christmas!
You are in my prayers and in my heart. -Friar Julio

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