A Bright and Vibrant Future

Once Friar Luis joins us and the two of us are able to plan together, I would like to implement a few new
adventures for our parish family. It is my hope that many of us will participate in these new experiences that
are meant to strengthen our life of faith and the social life of our parish family.
Without giving much details, I would like to address the needs of our couples, our families, our youth and our
young adults. We will continue to look for ways that we can support one another and make sure that we
remain an open and welcoming community.
The Pastoral Council will have participate in the initial stages of coordinating these new experiences in the
parish. It is my intention to afford the opportunity for all to participate in spiritually enriching experiences,
conferences and retreats on a regular basis. I also want to make sure that our young families will have the
opportunity to come together for family-oriented activities. There exists a need to expand the horizons of our
youth and young adults and I hope that we will be able to offer them experiences that will enrich their lives.
Finally, for now, we continue to move forward with our self-study which will necessitate for all of us to share
ideas and express what you would like to see happen in our parish. This is all in preparation for our Master
Plan which will address the growing needs of our parish family and the limited space that we now enjoy.
Please keep all our efforts in your prayers as we move forward together.
You are in my prayers and in my heart. Peace. Friar Julio

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