The “quinceañera” celebrates the fifteenth birthday of a Latin and Latin-American girls. This is a very important event which involves a very special ceremony, with a religious tone, since the young girl is now seen as an adult and responsible member of the Catholic Church.

In the presence of family and friends, the young woman (the quinceañera) is frequently accompanied by fifteen boys and girls of her liking (ladies and chambelanes), who enter the church in procession, together with their parents and godparents. During mass, the quinceañera makes a commitment to God and the Blessed Virgin to live the rest of her life in accordance with the teachings of Christ and the Church, renewing her baptismal promises. Then, symbols of faith, already blessed, (a medal, a Bible, a rosary, a prayer book) are given to him. The mass culminates with a special blessing for the quinceañera. After mass the young woman is introduced to the community. The ritual usually continues with a dinner and dance in his honor. Because only approved and confirmed rites can be used in the liturgy, An Order for Blessing on the Fifteenth Birthday was fully approved by the United States body of Bishops and received a Recognition from the Vatican Congregation for Worship. and Discipline of the Sacraments. This is the rite of Quinceañeras that was approved by the dioceses of the United States in 2007.

Requirements at St. Julia Catholic Church

Quinceañera Masses are individually scheduled and may take place on Saturdays at 11:00AMor 1:00PM. Masses for quinceañeras must be booked six months in advance.

Quinceañeras must:

  • Fill out a form in the office
  • Make the corresponding payment prior to the celebration


When parents want their children to be presented to the Lord, this indicates that they (the parents) not only recognize God as the giver of life but are also asking the Lord to bless and protect their child (ren) and are trusting that the Lord will do it. In our community we hold presentations only for children who turn 3 years old and are baptized.

Please contact the Parish office 3 months before the desired date.

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