Fresh Air

I would like to thank everyone who attended the listening and discussion sessions with me and Friar Luis this week. We both listened attentively to your insights and suggestions. We will bring them to our discussion as we formulate the Pastoral Plan for our parish family.
I’m already feeling a breeze of fresh air swirling through our parish with the arrival of Friar Luis among us. Sharing ministry with another friar-priest makes a great difference. Please join me in warmly welcoming Friar Luis among us. He is now part of the family and I consider ourselves to be blessed by his presence and ministry among us.
Having another friar-priest in the parish changes some things for the better for many reasons, but you, the people of our parish family, continue to be the great strength of our community. Friar Luis and I are simply your brothers who walk hand-in-hand with you in our search for God and in our commitment to one another. As Scripture reveals to us, we, the Body of Christ, have many gifts and talents. Each one of us serves in a unique way. Our strength is always in bringing all our gifts and talents to the service of the parish family. Friar Luis and I have our own unique gifts and our particular responsibilities in the life of the parish, but so do all.
As we move forward, it is my desire, together with Friar Luis and all of you, to bring a breath of fresh air to our parish life. We will begin with developing many wonderful opportunities for spiritual development that will strengthen our faith and our desire to create a community that is truly a family of good and caring people.
So, breathe in the fresh air and let the fresh air strengthen you with hope and a sense of wonder. May God continue to surprise us in many good ways. May we remain open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit as we discern what is good and best for us. May God bless all our efforts. May everyone find much peace and hospitality among us. You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Peace and Good. -Friar Julio

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