News Around the Parish

Thanks to all of you and the generosity that you extended to the parish last year, we finally are able
to install the new light fixtures in the church. They arrived this Thursday and we await word from the
electricians as to when they will be installed. You will immediately see the difference that they will
make to our church.

Happy Easter

My dear sisters and brothers,
We arrive at the great feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus, after forty days of sacrifice,
prayer and selfless charitable giving. I hope that we all experienced a strengthening of our kinship with

A Message for Holy Week

With the celebration of Palm Sunday, we enter into the commemoration of the Passion, Death, and
Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. We enter this Holy Week by uniting ourselves to those who carry
their heavy crosses and need to know that they are not alone.

Picking Up the Pieces

Going to confession and asking for God’s forgiveness is not always enough, especially when we hurt
or offend someone. We must go to that person and express our apology and our regret if we are
truly sorry for what we have done.

Lent: A Journey of Conversion and Transformation

Our Catholic tradition of Lent is a powerful time in our life of faith. We are invited to pay closer attention to those aspects of our faith and our religion that brings us closer to God: sacrifice for the sake of not letting selfishness rule our lives, almsgiving for the sake of making us more generous and less self-centered, prayer for the sake of deepening our relationship with God, and the repentance of our sins for the sake of changing what we need to change in our lives so as to become more understanding, forgiving and compassionate.

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