A Bright and Vibrant Future

Once Friar Luis joins us and the two of us are able to plan together, I would like to implement a few new
adventures for our parish family. It is my hope that many of us will participate in these new experiences that
are meant to strengthen our life of faith and the social life of our parish family.

The Cry of the Poor

We especially cry out to God when no one hears us or when we feel that no one wants to hear our cries. The poor in
particular cry out to God. I wonder what those cries sounded like inside that truck in Texas where 46 men, women, and children died and 16 were found unconscious and now struggle for their lives.

Homily for Confirmation 2022

Tell me, do you find it always easy to know things and people, to understand things and people, to be wise, or
to give good advice and counsel, to stay true to your relationship with God, or even have a sincere respect for
God? Do you find these things easy to do?

Two Points of Clarification and a Little More

1. Godparents/Sponsors/Main Witnesses for Baptism, Confirmation, and Marriage must be baptized Catholics who
practice their faith, have received First Eucharist, have received Confirmation and are married in the Catholic
Church. This is the guidance of the Church by which the Director of Faith Formation and the Pastor are called
to follow and cannot change or make exceptions. Please consider this guidance of the Catholic Church when
selecting the godparents/sponsors and main witnessed for your children or for your wedding.

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